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Critical Parts Logistics

Up-time, up-time, up-time. It’s all about the up-time!

Critical parts logistics is a service of its own though it has some overlap with same day local courier delivery and warehousing. The local courier delivery piece of critical parts logistics is, in the spirit of industry jargon, hot shot delivery. When a critical part malfunctions or needs replacing at your facility, it’s imperative the part is delivered ASAP. With every moment that passes, your medical device, telecommunications network, or ATM machine is simply not operational and that’s draining profit. Bottom line, our job is to ensure that your parts are being inventoried properly and delivered on-time.

Your profit is intimately linked to how fast that part gets delivered to your site. Of course, your Techs have the liberty to come by and pick-up the parts themselves, but in circumstances where your resources are tied up, you need your part ten minutes ago. We’ll make sure your satisfied.

Your inventory needs to be kept at a regional facility to service specific locations. It’s the most cost-effective and deliverable solution. We’ll work within your system or ours; either way, we’ll make sure the inbound and outbound is picked, packed, and tracked giving you real-time reporting of your parts being inventoried.

There are two technological pieces involved in critical parts logistics: a transportation management system (TMS) and a warehouse management system (WMS). For this service, we’ll be utilizing both. Our TMS will track the time of the pick-up and delivery, capture the electronic signature, and the full name of the person receiving and the WMS will keep your inventory up-to-date and real-time.

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