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Distribution & Warehousing

We store it, sort it, and deliver it

There are lots of bells and whistles when it comes to distribution and warehousing. Sometimes you just need parts and packages stored. Other times you need to have a box truck come and pick up the daily load, have them sorted, scanned, and then pushed out for same day delivery on route. Whether it’s this or that and here or there, we’ll execute a plan that’ll fulfill your service.

You have a running inventory of 800 parts currently stored at your headquarters and are constantly having to ship them overnight which won’t be delivered until tomorrow morning at 10:30AM. Why not store your parts across the nation to where you need them most? In our experience, the most effective solution in meeting up-times is same day delivery with regional warehousing and distribution centers.

Once your items are in the network’s care, we’ll either work within your warehousing management environment or perform the inventory maintenance ourselves in our warehousing management system (WMS). As the new inventory comes in and goes out, the system will be updated to provide real-time reporting.

At this point in the industry, everything considered inbound and outbound have serial numbers and barcodes. iPN has invested heavily in providing state-of-the-art mobile technology to scale operations to both large and small.

Our software enables us to integrate with your systems whether it be via EDI, API, or XML services. As the ASN is pushed down into our transportation management system (TMS), to stops are auto-sorted and routed allowing us to get the deliveries completed with the least amount spent on route configuration.

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