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Integrated Technology

Putting the Proof in Proof of Delivery

Cheesy taglines aside, it’s important for you to know the when and who – when did it get delivered and who signed for it. Those are the two most important questions in our industry. Our transportation management system (TMS) retains your data and is easily accessible to you via web. In addition to time and date, our TMS also provides a GPS stamp and can capture an electronic signature so you have the full name, time, and signature of the person receiving the packages.

Features Include:

ASNs are a crucial part of our industry as shippers rely on their third-party logistics (3PL) providers. Typically, we look for ASNs to contain addresses, barcodes, and associated service levels.

Reporting usually goes hand-in-hand with ASNs, though not always necessary. When given ASNs, we can provide audited reporting to verify that the barcoded packages were loaded and scanned at pick-up and delivery. Operating this way, we can provide our clients Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) reports.

For the services that require electronic tracking and audited reporting, barcoding is essential. Typically, Shippers barcode the packages in-house using their own warehouse management system (WMS). If not, we also have a distribution module that enables to login, enter orders, print labels, and ship.

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