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Local Courier Delivery

iPN specializes in creating local courier delivery solutions across the nation. We get it. It’s tough when you have a stop that occurs only three days a week that’s in an outlying area. Or how about those STATs that occur only once a week to a location that’s 50 miles from any major metropolitan city.  All of it drives cost. With over 30 years in business handling local and nationwide contracts, we’ve built a network to maximize efficiency and decrease cost while maintaining a service level that we both can be comfortable with.

Local Courier Services Include:

There are two major factors when it comes to this business, service and price. Sometimes you have a fixed budget. If our proposal can’t fit within your budget, we understand. We’ll always propose what we know we can service.

iPN has been around for over 30 years now. We assure you on board has a good grip on this business.

Transportation is a fragmented business and its hard to keep track of. With our technology, we have streamlined this in an efficient manner to allow our customers to know when their shipments have been picked up or delivered.

Whether its getting a parcel package across state right now or you have a routine service, we create proposals based on your service needs.

Over 30 Years of Local Courier Delivery Expertise at your Disposal!

We tirelessly work to maximize efficiency and decrease cost. To find out how we can make a meaningful difference to your bottom line click the button below.

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