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Medical & Laboratory

iPN understands the necessity and importance of cold-chain handling. Each courier is experienced to handle blood and tissue specimens, medications, and used or unused medical supplies, just to name a few. We ensure compliance by adhering to regulations and transporting the items at the required  frozen, refrigerated, warm, or controlled temperature. With this in mind, our on-demand and routed service is configured specifically for each client. Upon contracting iPN, each client undergoes a high-level discovery phase allowing our team to create solutions that are compliant and cost-effective.

  • Hospitals, Clinical laboratories, Blood banks, Pharmacies, Doctors and clinics, Nursing homes, and more
  • Routed Same-Day & Next-Day delivery services, Med-STAT services, and On-Call services
  • Electronic dispatch and tracking software with proof of delivery (POD) and reporting capabilities
  • Trained and experience with HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality
  • May provide properly labeled specimen transport containers to ensure specimen integrity